Saturday, August 1, 2015

Beading Back in Time - Early Civilization!

Today is the reveal for the Beading Back in Time Group - our time period this quarter was Early Civilization (3500 BC - 500 AD).  I had aspirations of getting more done, but being a single parent with lots going on, it just wasn't possible.  I did make my version of faux Roman Glass. I originally wanted to also make Cleopatra beads (as shown in the photo below) but just didn't have time.

Photo Credit - Siberian Times, 01 Feb 2013

I still will probably make some, just to see if I can get the same look and texture.  But on to the faux Roman Glass!

I decided to choose pale aqua and medium blue for the beads, as these colors seemed pretty prevalent in Roman Glass that I've seen. Treatments with baking soda and tumble etching with silicon carbide made the beads look "ancient" to me.

I like this pale aqua better - for whatever reason, this color took the treatments better and didn't leave a residue of baking soda.

The medium blue ones are still interesting but there are areas where you can still see baking soda residue - if I made these again, I'd probably use less baking soda on them. Please look for a tutorial on Art Jewelry Elements on August 7th to see how I made these beads!  Thanks for looking!  Please check out everyone else's creations!


Lindsay said...

I love them Sue! You know whenever you're unhappy with some beads, you can send them my way :D Thanks so much for playing along!

Sherri Stokey said...

I think you should send any "rejects" to me (not Linsday)! And I love the imperfection on the brighter blue ones, too. I think it adds character.

Alice said...

Your beads are just perfect. The colors are wonderful.

Windbent said...

Cool. I hope you have time to make some Cleopatra beads soon. I would love to see those too.

Niky Sayers said...

Sue I completely adore these beads! I even like the fact that all of the soda has not come out of the darker blue ones it just makes them look like they have just been dug up! Beautiful!

Jennifer said...

I think they are a GREAT first attempt. They look good, texture is way cool. Id love to work with them... keep us posted if you make more.


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